ALERT! Products That Make You Money Dropshipping (Examples of dropshipping products)

If you've ever searched for Products That Make You Money Dropshipping and never really understood it all, this video explains it all for you. You will learn:

  • Why this is an example of a winning product dropshipping
  • How to find winning products
  • The best way to find winning products for your dropshipping store

The product in this video is your every day product...with a TWIST!

Sure, there are travel pillows like this one out there, but this one is marketed with that WOW factor, with that UNIQUENESS.


Their ads don't just say that it's a travel pillow. The ads explain that it's a travel pillow that is BENEFICIAL for your spine.


Thats the difference! You MUST think like a marketer. When you think like a marketer, you are able to market products DIFFERENTLY and hit new groups of people in facebook.

When you think of a marketer, sometimes you can take a heavily saturated product (over sold product) in facebook, remarket it, and then make money with this product dropshipping.

An example would be the following:

Say STORE A find this travel pillow and show their ad to people interested in TRAVEL inside facebook, and they market this travel pillow as "easy to store, folds down so takes up less room in your bag". OK great, they might make some sales.

Then STORE B, THE MARKETER, comes along and says "Hey, you know what, this travel pillow is quite firm, it supports the neck. Let's market this as good for your spine and target some interests related to things like chiropractor, etc".

You get what I mean. Once you think like a marketer, product research becomes A WHOLE LOT easier for your dropshipping stores and you're able to find winning products and profitable products for dropshipping fast and easy without wasting money because you can identify products during your product research that are "MARKETABLE PRODUCTS".

A marketable product is one that has that WOW factor. A product where you can grip onto ONE main benefit of the product, but because that benefit is SO BENEFICIAL to the user, your marketing becomes SO EASY and people NEED to buy your product. They WANT your product.

That's what a product for dropshipping that makes you money looks like.

And the more marketable a product is, the less you have to try and actually sell it. It will sell itself.

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