Bulk CSV Drop Shipping the right way. 1000's of Orders in 10 minutes.

Here's a really thorough video on how to order the products you're scaling. It's a video I wish I'd had when I first started dropshipping because it saves you a heck of time and money.

Firstly, time. Whether it's 100 orders or 1000 orders, it doesn't take any longer. Just export your orders, and send to your supplier - as shown in this video.

Now, money. Firstly, you're saving yourself time which saves you money. But more importantly, you can negotiate special pricing with your suppliers and pay lower prices than you would if you were to pay using AliExpress.

This is because you're not only doing more volume, but another great leverage point is if you can pay them outside of AliExpress. One of my suppliers said that they pay AliExpress 10% of each sale. Even if you start paying your suppliers using PayPal which charge..what..4.5%? You have around 5% leverage in a negotiation with your supplier.

That was fun typing all that, but I best get onto the next video ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

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