[FREE Course] Dropshipping With CommerceHQ: #32 Winning Products for Dropshipping MISTAKE!

In a previous video we defined the Winning Product Framework (which you can download - first link here in this description) which we use when deciding if a product meets the criteria we look for in a product before we go out and test it.

This video today is to EMPHASISE the most important thing for we need to remember when looking at how to find winning products for dropshipping 2019. And this is that we ONLY test products that are already making other people money RIGHT NOW.

We do this to mitigate our risk. Especially early on when first starting our dropshipping journey.

When we find a winning product, move it to a branded niche store and better understand our customers, then we can begin testing products we feel our niche will like. When we do this, at this stage it is more of a calculated risk.

Again, I highly recommend you downloading the Winning Product Framework using the first link in this video's description and putting in your own products.

Download the FREE Winning Product Framework Excel Template Below


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