How we grow our Email List FAST by 500-1K people per day using Listagram

In this video, I introduce you to a tool we're in our dropshipping & e-commerce businesses called Listagram to capture emails & grow our list by 500 to 1000 new people per day.

The Tool I am talking about is.....



Listagram popups convert at 10%, for us, does not affect the conversion rate on your website and reduces money lost of paid advertising.

Since adding this tool, we've grown our list to nearly 130,000 active subscribers and we're hoping to hit six figures per month from emails in the future.

Email Marketing & building your mailing list is the most important thing I can think of doing right now in any business. As I discuss in the video, I've gone through periods of failed paid marketing and I didn't have emails set up.

Now that I am using Listagram to collect leads and build my list, and the quality of these leads are mainly Purchasers from Facebook, I am safe in case anything happens to my paid media channels.

I hope this helps and, as always, leave comments below (especially if you have any about Listagram).

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