LIVE FUNNEL #1 PART 3: Launching Facebook Ads (Dropshipping using ClickFunnels)

Awww yeah! The exciting stuff ... In this video, we launch our first lot of Facebook Ads for our Steampunk Sunglasses.

As part of the process, I also show you how to set up your Facebook Pixel and link it to ClickFunnels, I show you how to create your Facebook Ads account to launch ads from, and even how to create a Facebook Page for your business and quickly create a logo.

From there, we use the above to go ahead and launch our first ads to our ClickFunnels funnel from Facebook Ads. I show you my thoughts for targeting and how I usually start our targeting with Facebook Ads for a new product, including the budgets I use and how I set up the Facebook Ad.

Let me know what you think! Next Video will be uploaded tomorrow so make sure you subscribe on YouTube.

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