LIVE FUNNEL #1 PART 5: Calculating Our ROAS Goals (Dropshipping using ClickFunnels)

When you're reviewing your Facebook Ads manager, you need to know exactly what Ad Sets you are making money on, and what ones you're losing out on.

The absolute WORST thing I see happen is that people continue to run their ads because they are getting "sales".

.... But, are these sales profitable? And how do you find out what Ad Sets are profitable when you've got lots of Ad Sets running in your Ads Manager?

You set your ROAS goals.

That is, your Return on Ad Spend you need to be profitable.

In this video, I show you how to calculate your ROAS, and also I go deep into how your margins on a product dramatically affect your ROAS and why you can't just aim for the same ROAS goals for all products.

Different products have different margins, and as you'll see, this affects your ROAS.

Hope you like the video! Let me know in the comments below what ROAS you'll be aiming for with your products.

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