LIVE FUNNEL #1 PART 8: Optimizing ClickFunnels based our Ads (Dropshipping using ClickFunnels)

When you run your Facebook Ads, you'll get a whole heap of data. BUT, if you don't know how to interpret or use this data, what's the point?

In this video, I show you how to consider your Facebook Ads AND your ClickFunnels Funnel TOGETHER to make informed decisions as to what needs to be tweaked within your product campaign.

Because, as you'll find, what you do in your Facebook Ads affects your Funnel, and what you do in your Funnel directly affects your Facebook Ads.

This video also shows us a really really REALLY BIG, IMPORTANT, CRUUUICIAL..... (hint: it's important!) part of our funnel that we need to get RIGHT for all this to work.

Our product's PRICE!

In the video, we review our Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels data to see what needs fixing in our Product Campaign, as well as decide whether our price is right or needs to be adjusted and WHY.

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