LIVE FUNNEL #1 PART 1: Teaser (Dropshipping using ClickFunnels)

Hello! Really exciting stuff coming out over the next couple of days! I'm going to be doing a LIVE funnel Case Study as I'm really enjoying them and I think they'll really help you find your profitable Niche.

I've said it and I'll say it again - 2019 is where it's time for you to start putting your time and energy into building a BRAND that you can grow long-term to help you build an ASSET and not just fast-money.

I'm preaching this because I've done both, and having my brand with a 100K+ mailing list is the best thing I've work on through my ecom journey.

And I really feel like it isn't said enough in ecom videos - that you need to build something that will become an ASSET you can call on for profit, rather than just a domain that is there for you to churn out a couple of winners here and there and not have anything stable long-term.

So yeah, this case study is the first of many I plan to do and it will show you EVERYTHING.

It will show you the products, and everything from setting up your pixel to creating your facebook pages, all the way to launching your ads.

And, if they're profitable, I'll even record how I scale the ads.

And it will all be using ClickFunnels, the sales funnel building software I am using right now.

I hope you enjoy the series - I have no idea where it's going to lead! Again, as it's LIVE and happening as we speak.

Any questions, or anything you want me to cover, let me know!

And, hopefully, we end up finding a product that allows me to show you how to scale. Maybe this product, maybe not, but we will find one.

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