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This is the first page I'm writing on my website and...well... I guess that's because I feel it's the most important thing to discuss when looking to start your own E-commerce / Dropshipping store.

If you've come across this page, you're probably coming from one of my YouTube videos or from a Google Search.

So you more than likely know what dropshipping is. If you don't, head on over to my YouTube channel where I explain it all and give tips and advice etc. It's my bread and butter for this website so it is a good place to start.

Now, if you're already familiar with Dropshipping / Ecommerce and are keen to go ahead with it all, the next step is knowing what tools and software you need to get started.

Here is what I use to run my Ecommerce stores and a brief description as to why I use each one. Once I make videos on each, ill link to those videos on YouTube below, also. But for now, it'll be a brief description.

A short Preface

I have been doing Ecommerce since the very start of 2017 and haven't stopped. With this business, once you get your websites so a level where they're comfortable paying your bills and you can afford to do the things you want to do, you can do 1 of two things.

One - ease up and take a break, outsource tasks to virtual assistants who you hire online, and take those holidays you've been dreaming of while at your previous 9-5.

Or Two - the route I took. Once things started working out, I worked harder to capitalize on the momentum and started to build out more brands and more websites. Some brands are now doing well into the 6 figures per month.

So the tools and software below are what I use currently with my stores with a decent amount of traffic which means they're well-tested, I understand them very well, and thus why I am recommending them to you.

Let's go!


CommerceHQ is the main software for my stores.

I initially started my first store on WooCommerce (on the WordPress platform) and after scaling my first product to 15,000 sales, the admin of WordPress got really really slow and as the support tickets grew it just got increasingly frustrating to use. Also, as my store grew, I needed to add products fast, and at that time Dropified did not integrate with WooCommerce (more on why this tool is important below).

So I looked to move to a different platform for my store.

First, I turned to Shopify. Shopify as a software is really good, but it has its downfalls in regards to dropshipping. Firstly, to use Stripe and charge USD, you need to use their Shopify Payments, and they're notorious for closing down Dropshipping accounts without notice. I didn't want to be at the hands of Shopify.

Next, Shopify charges for you to use "external gateways" like PayPal. PayPal fees are already incredibly high, and Shopify wanted to charge an extra 0.5% just to use it.

At the time I was looking, I had hard about CommerceHQ and then I investigated it a little more. This is why I now use CommerceHQ for my dropshipping and Ecommerce stores.

  • No Transaction Fees: Unlike Shopify, CommerceHQ doesn't charge you extra fees for payments.
  • Founded by a Dropship Enthusiast: Jon Mac is the co-founder of CommerceHQ and he has been a big figure in the dropshipping world. While I was in groups of people having their websites closed down by Shopify, I felt safer moving my website to a platform owned by a dropshipper who understands the business model. It just makes sense.
  • Less expensive than Shopify: At the time I was moving my first site over to CommerceHQ, we were doing about 100K sales per month with about 50% coming from PayPal. If I were to have gone with Shopify, I would have paid 0.5% on 5K sales (= $250) a month + their $299 / month fee + all the other monthly App fees, With CommerceHQ, you can get 3 websites for $99 / month and it comes with all the apps you'll need to start your store (again, it's good that the software is founded by someone doing exactly what we're doing). More on this next.
  • Apps you need: CommerceHQ comes with all the Apps you need to increase conversions. Timers on the product page (yes, they work - I've done A/B tests and proven they increase conversions), Trust Badges, Related Products, Abandoned Cart, Reviews Apps, Upsells Post Checkout and more (i'll do a video on each of these and show you how they've helped my businesses).

To get 3 websites for only $99 / month, click here to go to their website and see the deal.


Dropified is a software that automated your Dropshipping business and one that I use for all my stores.

Dropified is a separate website that you sign into and it "talks" to your CommerceHQ website and also AliExpress (what we'll be using to find products for our Dropshipping store).

Dropified also has a Chrome extension that you install.

When you find a product on AliExpress that you want to add to your website and test, you click a button in the Dropified Chrome Extension and then it automatically takes the product details from AliExpress and adds them into your CommerceHQ website and also into Dropified. This is a MASSIVE time-saver. It literally copies everything you need - the product images, the description, the variations for the products etc.

So that's Part One on why I recommend Dropified. You're going to be testing A LOT of products to find the winners, and anything that speeds up that process in you doing so means you'll be making money sooner

Part Two is what Dropified can do once your customer pays and you then need to place the Order with the suppliers in AliExpress and get the Order shipped to the customer.

When a customer buys something from your CommerceHQ website, the order data (customer details, what they bought etc) is all synchronised with Dropified.

When you are ready to fulfill the order (place the order with the AliExpress supplier), you can click 1 button and then Dropified goes ahead and placed the order with the supplier in AliExpress, and once done, it marks the Order as having been placed in both Dropified AND CommerceHQ.

Dropified also copies the AliExpress order details into Dropified and CommerceHQ so you can easily look up that order if you need to contact the supplier about the order later on.

Dropified is extremely useful. I wouldn't run a dropshipping website using AliExpress products without it.

I'll be doing some videos directly related to Dropified, but for now...

Click here to check out Dropified.

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