The BEST Way How To Fulfill Orders on ClickFunnels, CommerceHQ, Shopify for Dropshipping

This is my MOST REQUESTED video to date and is a follow up to my previous video here where I show you how to fulfill orders on ClickFunnels:

In that video, I specifically showed how to fulfill orders on ClickFunnels and I STOPPED it after we'd sent the orders to the supplier.

If you read the comments, there were questions about how to send Tracking Numbers to your customers and this video does JUST THAT and MORE!

The way you fulfill orders on ClickFunnels is using CSV Exports and CSV Fulfillment and this isn't just for fulfilling orders on ClickFunnels.

CSV Exports can be used for Order Fulfillment with ANY ecommerce system as you see in this video here.

CSV Export and CSV fulfillment is actually how I fulfill orders with my main dropshipping store.

CSV Exports for order fulfillment is a matter of exporting data from your Ecommerce store platform like Shopify or CommerceHQ, or ClickFunnels, then editing the data a bit to get it in the right format (as I show in this video) and from there it's very straightforward.

Once you do your CSV export from your shopify store, the data will be formatted a bit differently than if you were to export from CommerceHQ or ClickFunnels but once you edit the data in the csv file to the way I specify in this video, it ends up being EXACTLY THE SAME and so you're good to go.

Order fulfillment using CSV files is the BEST and FASTEST way to fulfill your orders once you start getting quite a few a day.

It pretty much takes the same amount of time to csv export 50 orders from your store and fulfill them using this process in the video as it does to fulfill 200 orders, or even 500 orders. That's why I recommend this when you start getting about 50 orders a day and the one-click auto fulfillment using dropified is taking too long.

In this video on The BEST Way How To Fulfill Orders on software like ClickFunnels, Shopify, and CommerceHQ, I cover:

  • Why you should do order fulfillment using CSV
  • How to export your orders to CSV from CommerceHQ but the same steps will be for Shopify or ClickFunnels
  • Then I show you how to create what I call an Orders Master sheet to house all your order data for your dropshipping store or your sales funnel orders from ClickFunnels
  • Then I show you how to edit this CSV and send it via email to your supplier
  • I show you what your supplier will send back with tracking numbers for each order and then I show you the best way to send these tracking numbers to your customers once you get them back from your supplier.
  • AGAIN, learn how to automatically send tracking numbers to customers dropshipping,
  • how to send tracking numbers
  • how to auto send tracking numbers
  • the best way to send tracking numbers to customers for dropshipping store

In this video I also explain the BEST way to pay for your orders dropshipping and I also go through the pros and cons of each payment method, including AliExpress, paying for orders using PayPal, and how to pay for Orders using TransferWise for dropshipping and paying Chinese sellers and any other type of seller.

As it's an in-depth video on the BEST Way How To Fulfill Orders, I have dubbed thy a "masterclass" because it's very comprehensive (and I like that word lol).

Hope you learn a whole heap.

If you want to learn more about this and everything else you need to know about starting your first online store, click here to read about my 150 video case study - where you see my scale a new dropshipping store to over $100,000 in 30 days and make over $1000 a day profit.

Speak soon!

Download the Order Master Template I use in this Video with the AFTERSHIP formula ready to go!


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